Personal Survival Techniques


Personal Sea Survival Techniques STCW Reg. VI/1 (para 2.1.2) & the MNTB guidelines.

Course Description
The 1 day course covers elementary Sea Survival Safety training for all crew. With both theoretical and practical exercises the course prepares candidates for all emergency situations, with practical training in a supervised pool with the use of life rafts and life jackets.

Course Content

  • Actions prior to abandonment of the vessel
  • Basic principles of survival
  • Survival Equipment
  • Training and drills
  • Correct use of the lifejacket and entering the water from a height
  • Launch of a liferaft
  • Addressing a capsized liferaft
  • Wet and dry boarding of a liferaft
  • Bringing aboard an injured casualty
  • Liferaft first aid
  • Actions to aid location by rescuers

Why Securewest?
With outstanding training facilities, Securewest's 1 day Personal Sea Survival Course will fully prepare you for an emergency while at sea.

Chef of 51m to 60m Superyacht - 11.03.16
I attended Securewest's STCW Personal Sea Survival course and cannot recommend the course highly enough. The process of booking the course was seamless and the instructor was engaging and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the training course and would highly recommend Securewest.

Chris Atkinson, Captain of 31m to 40m SV Necker Belle - 16.03.16
I recently attended a STCW personal sea survival course conducted by Securewest Training. This is the third time I have gained this qualification for my profession and I have to say that this was the most informative and most professional one so far. The facilities were immaculate and all of the equipment was brand new. Paul Symons was our instructor, his delivery was always engaging and made the course fun at the same time. All of the information proved before the course was very helpful with local knowledge hints on how to beat the traffic and local accommodation. I would strongly recommend that anyone trying to gain their STCW qualifications, should get in touch with Securewest Training before they go anywhere else!!!


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Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved.

Location:Plymouth, Devon (UK) Duration:1 day Cost:£137.00 incl VAT