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18 Jan 2016

Crew Safety, Awareness and Conflict Resolution Training

Acrew Yachting and ‎Christophe Harbour hosted the Caribbean Crew Fest in St Kitts this weekend, Securewest’s Wayne Britton was delighted to lead a workshop on Crew Safety, Awareness and Conflict Resolution Training. The workshop provided captains and crew with valuable pragmatic lessons for international travel both on-board and ashore. Covering personal security and situation awareness, theft avoidance, security of possessions, cyber security and security advice including regional threats and captivating case studies. The workshop is key for any crew member as cases of incidents, especially whilst ashore, are rising (even though they may not be reported). Securewest aims to educate and inform crew on things to look out for as well as how to manage themselves if faced with a challenging situation.

Keep a look out for further Acrew workshop dates here or contact Wayne Britton: to book a private training session for your crew.