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27 Jun 2019

Country Spotlight: Ethiopia

On 22 June in the evening, the regional President of Ethiopia's Amhara state Ambachew Mekonnen and the Regional Government Office Advisor Ezez Wasie were killed in the state’s capital, Bahir Dar. According to the Amhara Regional Government spokesman Asemahagh Aseres, a rogue regional policy unit made of recently recruited officers attacked the police headquarters, president’s office and the ruling party headquarters. Majority of the regional forces remained loyal to the federal government and defended the officials. Several people were killed in the fighting. Also on 22 June in Addis Ababa, the Army Chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonnen and retired Major General Gezai Abera were shot dead in Seare’s home by his bodyguard.


According to the Ethiopian authorities this was a coup attempt orchestrated by the Amhara State Security Head, Brigadier General Asamnew Tsige. The perpetrators behind the coup have been arrested, and General Asamnew Tsige was killed during the security forces siege two days later. A contingent of pro-government forces has been deployed to Bahir Dar, and Addis Ababa. According local media reports, Amhara State is currently under control of the Federal Government. The internet shut down has been enforced across the country.  Airports operate as usual, though enhanced security can be expected. Roadblocks and security checkpoints may occur both in Addis Abba and Bahir Dar.


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