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05 Aug 2019

Weekly Maritime Summary 29 July - 4 August 2019

The Securewest Global Response Centre (GRC) recorded seven maritime related incidents during the reporting period 29 July and 4 August 2019. There were two robberies, two boarding, one approach, one migrant and refugee incident and one general security warning.

Weekly Maritime Summary 29 July 4 Aug 2019

  • 29 July-2019 - Robbery - Anchored bulk Carrier boarded and robbed 4nm west south west of Freeport of Monrovia, Liberia.

  • 29 July-2019 - Robbery - A berthed container ship was robbed at Tin Can Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • 29 July-2019 - Approach - A supply vessel berthed at Onne Port, Nigeria was approached.

  • 30 July-2019 - Boarding - Bulk carrier boarded approximately 10 nm northeast of Belawan, Indonesia.

  • 30 July-2019 - Boarding - Chemical tanker boarded by armed men approximately 5 nm north of Tanjung Priok, Indonesia.

  • 31 July-2019 - Migrant & Refugee - 15 Ethiopians died after being stranded with no food or water off the coast of Yemen.

  • 4 August-2019 - General Security Warning - Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps reported that IRGC naval forces had seized an oil tanker in Persian Gulf, in vicinity of Farsi Island.




Robbery: Theft from a vessel or from persons aboard the vesselRobbery Icon
Boarding IconBoarding: Unauthorized boarding of a vessel by persons not part of its complement without successfully taking control of the vessel.
Migrant IconMigrant and Refugee Incident: This could involve Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, or information about a boat capsizing and people drowning, or an attack on the group.
Warning IconGeneral Security Warning: Incidents which do not fit in the other categories, but enhance the situational awareness, e.g. flag state advisories or an attack on a non- commercial vessel such as a warship.
Approach IconApproach: An incident where weapons are trained on the vessel or pirate paraphernalia such as weapons, ladders, are observed and the intention to conduct an attack is clear.


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